Startup Sales
Making SDR more efficient with Seth List
October 9, 2018
Podcast Show Notes A big problem he has come across while advising other startups has been that the founder does not have a sales background and will read a sales book and try to implement the ideas without fully understanding the sales process itself. The kind of first hire you should have for sales really depends on the type of personality the CEO and founder has. Are they wanting a gunslinging cowboy or someone that is more thoughtful of the process and methodical. So the fit with the leadership is important as well as relevant experience with the product which is being sold. Having list builders to compile a list of contacts to the SDR team has made great improvements in the efficiency of the SDR as well as a more even/predictable pipeline for the account executives. It also makes is so that the SDR can not pick and choose who they call based on their strength and weaknesses (ie. a particular industry), as well as they now have to call the correct person, not someone lower level causing the account executive to have to take more time to work up the ladder. To be more efficient they are using Outreach, Salesforce, Linkedin Sales Navigator, DiscoverOrg and Zoom Info. Looking for humility and coachability when interviewing for a new sales person to join his team. He will give the potential candidate a situational assessment and tell them beforehand that he will critique them and give them another opportunity to improve their response. This will allow him to see if they are coachable and to see if the way he coaches and explains fits their personality type. His assessment is to give the candidate a small list of potential companies for them to use linkedin to find the right contact person in the company and draft the first few emails and voicemails. LinkedIn: Final Five What is your favorite sales or leadership book? The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni Do you have someone that you follow/read for sales/leadership ideas? HBR Management tip of the day and Seth Godin Are you available 24/7? Do you have strict personal time boundaries? No he is not available. What is your favorite tool used for sales? Salesforce and OutreachIO What one piece of advice do you have for all the founders/CEOs/VP Sales out there? Dont be afraid to ask for help. Ask early and ask often.