Startup Sales
Outbound prospecting Eric Nadeau
July 31, 2018
His team is working mostly (about 95%) outbound. His outbound leads have a 10 day cadence of 5 emails and 5-6 calls to try to get the conversation going. He is using outreach to manage these cadences. It takes them about 150 calls before having a good conversation with a potential client. Eric believes that each salesperson has their own style and they should play to their strengths. When thinking about scalability, he says that as long as they are hitting their targets, it is okay and if someone is not than you have your coaching meetings to work with that salesperson on their weakness. A new salesperson in the company should follow the company guidelines for the first three months before trying their own methodology. Looking for keywords in LinkedIn profiles as well as titles when looking for prospects to reach out to for outbound. They have an SDR to account executive of 2:1. When hiring SDR he is looking for someone with a strong desire to get into sales as well as someone who is likeable and charismatic. They need to have a proven level of discipline, this can be someone with sports background or someone that had to work throughout school. They have two weeks of formal classroom training. This consists of a lot of role playing. It is better for a new salesperson to internalize the information and make the pitch their own instead of following a script.. During training, a lot of time is also spent on listening to phone calls to understand how others are pitching the product. This and recording the role playing and re-listening to it Eric has found is very helpful. He ends the role playing with a question; What do you think you could have done better? It is important for the team to know that these role playing sessions are a no judgment area so that they can feel comfortable in giving each other feedback. They assign a few hundred accounts to each SDR and let them select the right contacts using and LinkedIn sales navigator. Build and keep a good sales culture by having company outings and keeping the team involved with the company. Marketing should come in once a week to give an update on what they are working on as well as other departments so that the sales team feels part of the company and they can see the roadmap. Eric’s biggest mistake he has made as a sales leader has been hiring the wrong person. LinkedIn:   FINAL FIVE What is your favorite sales or leadership book? David Sandler - You can not teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar Do you have someone that you follow/read for sales/leadership ideas? Brian Johnson - Are you available 24/7? Do you have strict personal time boundaries? Believes its important to work hard but also to be with your family. What is your favorite tool used for sales? What one piece of advice do you have for all the founders/CEOs/VP Sales out there? Constantly keep improving