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Outsourcing your SDR – Mike Coscina
October 23, 2018
Final Five What is your favorite sales or leadership book? Sales Management Simplified by Mike Weinberg Do you have someone that you follow/read for sales/leadership ideas? Sales Hackers, Open View Venture Partners, Jack Kosakowski  Are you available 24/7? Do you have strict personal time boundaries? The weekends are his. He using them for himself and to learn. What is your favorite tool used for sales? LeadIQ What one piece of advice do you have for all the founders/CEOs/VP Sales out there? Have the CEO and Sales leader be a SDR for a day to understand how much work it is to generate a meeting. Mike's Linkedin: Show transcript [0:40] Well thanks for being with us that he had things around me adam. [0:45] Why don't we start with give me me a quick overview of the man your ass yeah sure so I've been with the man drive for five years and currently series B funding, when you say help bro vs and scale the ask dr kim's what do you mean so as far as you know about helping them even with. And obviously training the SDR on their product generating revenue and closed business for for our clients and from there as the program's progress of our clients adding wraps because. The revenue goals are growing year-over-year right, started with an outbound program and doing great. [2:04] Or have an outbound an inbound 10 to the program. Objectives with their clients sales development leadership and the man drive but over all we will become a real true extension of their team that really what separates the men drive is and like. When you feel like a part of your clients sales team. Okay great so now tourist SDR team on demand. Jacqueline well traffic so you have lot experience in there and so. [2:51] Why don't we start digging into that let's go with the ongoing debate SDR does a report to marketing or sales in the best ummat of debate when there's like higher volume of of movie jan rae ann and you need to go through like all, there's two different ways I think it's more effective up to sales when there's a lot of. A lot of leaves that need to be followed up on but then again when you're taking mormon account based strategy, you should really be and you really want those SDR focus on Prospect. Ending releasing top of marketing and so really whenever the and goal is of the program whether it's too, follow up on weed. [4:18] Strategic outbound and things like that. I'm from like a cold cold perspective three the sales is is usually a better spot roll up under. [4:34] Okay and why why is that for both of them. Also with the marketing obviously, core of the account yeah what message in the messaging is very important and when it comes to enter tell rolling up under marketing and and for sales is say they want and like, by the end of the year. Very clear ky we know what we want our objective is there that's what how of how he's being measured and yo were there to submit support him and x q on their behalf. So tell me would what kind of company should start looking into. [5:39] When is your team more precious what stage should company be an asshole other really good question and like over over the years we started working wes. Younger younger companies like eastridge. [5:59] That can be a little tricky just in the sense that. First i need to establish product market fit and not usually like they got an an...